The digital facility manager for your holiday park!


The digital facility manager for your holiday park!

Who doesn’t recognize it? You arrive at your holiday destination but you are 2 hours early. You ask if your bungalow is ready but they say, that they do not know yet. And this actually applies to all tasks, questions, complaints and malfunctions on your holiday park. Has the task already been performed, who performed it, when should it be performed, how long has it taken? Etc. etc.


Keyplan is an digital facility manager application where all this information can be stored and processed automatically  and thereby reaches the relevant employee, so that every employee knows exactly what needs to be done. For other colleagues and the management  it can be easily checked what tasks has already been done and what needs to be done.

Actual and Personal

An up-to-date and personal task overview for your employees

Maximum hospitality

The feeling of maximum hospitality for your guests!

Time-saving solution

Easily and quickly know which tasks are done and need to be executed.

What do our customers say about us

Keyplan has brought us a lot of efficiency. We have an overview of all tasks and jobs. Communication between reception, technical service and other departments has improved enormously!

Bungalowpark Hoge Hexel

“Keyplan is the perfect reminder for us, for all types of reports. The error sensitivity has decreased, while the service level has increased. ”

Niels Luijben

Vakantiepark de Oude Molen

“Keyplan helps us to follow up on reports quickly and effectively. As a result, the speed and quality of our services have increased enormously since we started using Keyplan. ”

John Coerver

Resort Boschmolenplas

“Since we work with various subcontractors, Keyplan is an indispensable tool for us to keep an overview of the fast and correct handling of fault reports.”

Anton van der Molen

Focuz Support

“The user-friendliness of Keyplan is so great that our oldest employees also work with it with ease. The malfunctions are resolved faster and better archived. “

Marijke Brinkman

de Paardekreek

“For us, Keyplan is the key to properly monitoring and distributing tasks in the different departments. Keyplan gives employees peace of mind and overview, they know what to do. ”

Johnny van Assen

Camping Julianahoeve

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